Vital statistics
  • Sebastian Fyers
  • Planet of Origin Earth
    Species Humans
    Technological Standpoint Advanced
    Mission Destroy the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
  • Cayden Sniders
  • Korean Empire
  • Fascirians
  • Enemies
  • Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
  • Aaron Carter
  • Serron Devney
  • Claire Porter
  • Ben Allen
  • USS Warpstar
  • Logan Wilson
  • Anti-Fascist Resistance
  • Terranovian Empire
  • All Hail the Militia and Defeat those Against us

    The Militia is the complete opposite to the I.A.F it is lead by Sebastian Fyers who founded the Militia after being banished from earth along with every other criminal on the planet



    When Sebastian Fyers freed almost every criminal on the planet,The Government sought a plan to remove them from Earth,Tricking many of them into South America where more than 19 pounds of Gold was stored in a bank entering the Bank Fyers discovered that it was empty most of the criminals that day were killed and Fyers was shot 13 times loading them and many more of the criminals on earth were stored on a barge where they were sent to the closet planet that was habitable.

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