Necronian Energy Rifle
Vital statistics
Introduction Date 2436
Production 2436-Present
Manufacturer Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
Ammunition Type Energy Bolts
Magazine Capacity 500 Round Magazine
Type Energy Assault Rifle
Alternate Fire Modes
  • Semi Automatic
  • 3 Round Burst
  • Full Automatic
  • The Necronian Assault Rifle 2436 (N.E.R 2436) is the standard issued rifle of the Necronian infantry on the planet of Necros 5. The weapon was designed by Aaron Carter of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom as a token of their good will to the people of their planet to ensure an everlasting alliance with the Necronian people. The weapon was to replace the uses of their conventional firearms, however not to lose the homeworld touch to the weapon.

    Functions & AmmunitionEdit

    The ammunition of the weapon is a plasma ball that is fired from the casing of a 7.62x39mm round, used in weapons like the AK-47. The weapon fires when the priming hammer, charged with electricity emits a small charge into the case in order to both energize and fire the projectile. Once the shell is ejected, the weapon's bolt will eject the spent shell. The weapon uses the same select fire system that weapons like the AK-47 uses as well, but there are some, mostly the ones with the folding stock that can select fire with the switch of the Colt M-16. The magazine that is usually loaded into the weapon is mostly glowing, which not only indicates it an energy weapon, but it also shows manually how much ammo is left in the weapon before reloading.

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