New Earth Special Operations
Vital statistics
Founder(s) Max Wosniak
Planet of Origin Earth
Species Human
Not. Members
  • Russel Croves
  • Oliver Croves
  • Galen Samston
  • Dr.David Wither
  • Dr.Michael Heroedsfield
  • Dr.Jim Barow
  • Founded In 2346
    Technological Standpoint Advanced
    Mission Eliminate all enemy threat in the galaxy
  • New Earth Police Force
  • New Earth United Goverment
  • Enemies
  • Terranovians
  • USS Warpstar
  • New Earth Special Operations or N.E.S.O is a Military Orginizations created and funded by the New Earth United Goverment.They are Lead by Max Wozniak and are there to rid the Planet of any Alien Threat.


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