Noah Cooper is the founder of the B.E.M.N, a company the made hardware,software and IT equipment and also weapons for the I.A.F.

Early LifeEdit

Noah Cooper the eldest of two brothers, grew up in a Manhattan downtown apartment all was well until his brother Michael was born which meant more money to look after the younger child that his parents James and Allison didn't have.Noah was then tasked of looking after the baby, when one day the landlord came and said if they don't pay their rent they will be evicted. Two days after James Cooper was caught in a crossfire between two rival gangs, a day after that Allison was Incarcerated to the Wilson Asylum. Noah was then taken to a Orphanage and would be separated from his brother, Noah then took his brother and hid in the boarded up apartment they used to live in.When police found them realising the brothers where inseperatable so they sent both brothers to live with Noah's choice of kin but he didn't pick his family he picked a family that had always been there for him The Wilson Family.

Rise of the companyEdit

When Noah was 27 and Michael was 19, Noah had gathered a group of his closet friends and stated that he was making a company and that he wanted all of them with him every step of the way. As all of his friends had study IT Department in College and some university making a IT company would be easy.Though why they needed a company was the hard bit. Noah and his friends began designing the perfect Computer after the blue prints had been made they needed a name when Michael suggested the Arcadia. Noah agreed and decided that the computer would be the first holographical one that you would use with a headset and your fingers.