The Odin-Class Attacker is the primary fighter and troop carrier of the Fascirians.


By the year 2013, Fascirian scientists had discovered a new hyperdrive system that allowed them to travel from one place to another within hours. After hearing this; their fuhrer ordered the creation of a well armed spacecraft that could engage enemies at will with devastating results. The scientists came out with this spacecraft for their use. Since it's creation; the vessel has proven it's worth on many battlefields.


When the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom was searching for the Militia, they encountered these after crew of the USS Warpstar made contact with the Anti-Fascists on the planet Fasciria. Many of them were destroyed by the I.A.F's X-267 Quadstar and King Viper X-200 fighters.

The Attacker was also used by Russell Prince and Marissa Prince in order to escape space controlled by the Militia and upon finding I.A.F space; the craft was later taken for reverse engineering.