Produced In: 2442
Type Vehicle: Patrol Craft/Interceptor
Width: 18ft 5 in (Wingspan)
Height/Depth: 10 ft (3.05 m)
Length: 30 ft (9.14 m)
Weight: 7,923 lb (3,593 kg)
  • Trontanium Alloy
  • Standard Deflector Shield
  • Manufacturer: New Earth Police Force
    Country of Origin: Scotland
    Crew: 2
  • Dual Wing Mounted Standard Laser Cannons
  • Dual Standard Bow Plasma Cannons
  • Dual Standard Bow Mini-Missile Launchers
  • Special Devices:
  • Cloaking Device (Commanders)
  • Standard Hyperdrive System
  • Service Length: 2442-Present
    Power Source: Crystallium Diamonds

    The PX-60 is the main patroling and interception craft that is used by the New Earth Police Force back on the human world of Earth. It is designed to be both an air and even spacecraft.

    Early StartEdit

    Upon the creation of the New Earth Police Force, the force needed a new vessel to suit the needs of their officers. The vessel didn't come out until 2442 when one of the force's creators patented it and started manufacturing them by the dozen. Since then, the craft has been in use by the force to catch criminals and enforce their own version of the law.

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