Peter Allen
Peter Allen 2
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Earth
Species Human
  • Student
  • Crew Member(USS Warpstar
  • Date of Birth October 12th,2422
    Age 14
    Eye Color Blue
    Height 5ft4
    Weight 111lbs
  • Ben Allen(Father)
  • Michelle Allen(Mother)
  • Cecil Allen(Younger Brother)
  • (Younger Sister)Lucy Allen
  • Alice Allen(Younger Sister)
  • Mark Allen (Decesaed Grandfather)
  • Mary Allen (Grandmother)
  • Rebbeca Allen (Aunt)
  • Will Allen (Uncle)
  • Helena Allen (Great-Grandomther)
  • Frank Allen(Great-Grandfather)
  • Barry Allen (Grand-Uncle)
  • Status Alive
    "I love plants like my Father and his Father befor him so if you think im going to stop all my Research just for you guess what you have another thing coming"

    Peter Allen is the Eldest child of Ben and Michelle Allen,When ever Ben and Michelle argue Peter has been known to leave his home and wonder the street where he found a ship that had Crash landed and a man inside who would change his life forever.


    Peter was born on October 12th 2422,to Ben and Michelle Allen,Peter was born with a hole in his heart.

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