Vital statistics
System Andromeda Galaxy
Class Planet H
  • 78% Nitrogen
  • 21% Oxygen
  • 0.9% Argon
  • 0.1% Other (Carbon Dioxide, Water, etc.)
  • Terrain
  • Underwater Lakes
  • Mountains
  • Tundras
  • Plateaus
  • Intelligent Beings Primarians
    Type Sun
  • Red Sun
  • Blue Sun
  • Climate 60-90 Degrees
    Natural Disasters Sandstorms
    Natural Resources Britanium
    Number 2
    Protected By Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
    Primaria is a planet located in one of the main solar systems in the Andromeda Galaxy amd is the 2nd planet in the solar system of two suns. The planet is the home of a primitive race of humans called the Primarians who met the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom in the year 2436.


    The planet was said to have been formed like Venus in the solar system of Earth. The planet however came to be more of a planet capable of supporting life. When the planet was formed, it was discovered by the Greys who bought a small group of humans from Earth to the planet while during the era of the Vikings and Egyptians. The people later proclaimed the beings their gods and goddesses, as well as any others to be more powerful than them.