Civil War
The Quatonaien Civil War (2500 - 2529) was a civil war on the planet Quatonai fought by Quatonaiens, it is the first and most devastating war in Quatonaien History.


In 2499 after the Daemon government was elected they band natural birth and assigned all children to be created in vats. In 2500, a Quatonaien couple disobayed this rule and gave birth to a child. The Daemon government learned of this immedietly and sent out a task force to kill the child and his parents, the civilians of Quatonain were furious and decided to fight back and protect the child leading to a Civil War.


The battle lasted for 29 years, 8 months and 2 days. Many lives were lost and if it hadn't been stopped by Cleptsii and The Architect's knowledge the war would have possibly destroyed the planet. The battle ended in The Daemon's own quarters, Cleptsii battled The Daemon's and defeated them ending the war.


After this seemingly endless battle, Quatonai began to rebuild the planet making it more advanced than ever. After that Cleptsii was elected President of Quatonai and his girlfriend Abii First Lady. Cleptsii restored Quatonai to its former glory and brought back the tranquil and peaceful ways of the species he was then deemed Quatonai's Savior.