"Their like...Kryptonians, under the influence of a yellow or blue son they display god-like powers to match even the Terranovians"

-- Archer C. Carter

Quatonaiens are a race of alien beings created by The Architect.Similar in appearence to humans. They dwell on the planet Quatonai, they are a peaceful race but are currently in a Civil War on their planet. Under the influence of a yellow or blue son they obtain god-like powers to even match a Terranovian.



Quatonaiens were created alongside their planet Quatonai at the beginning of time, they were an advanced race and were able to create high-tech things during their first 100 years of existence, they also discovered their were more planets out there and due to their peaceful nature they decided to use their advanced minds to hide themselves from other planets to avoid detection and the possibilities of war. In 2100, the Quatonaiens decided they had been in hiding for too long and decided to reveal themselves to the universe. They were a well respected species.

The Civil WarEdit

In 2499 after the new Daemon government was elected, all the peaceful methods and ways of the species had died with the last government, the Daemon's threatened war on weaker planets, they had also made natural births illegal and assigned infants to be created. In 2500, a couple disobayed this law and had a child named Cleptsii Davinion. The Daemon government then made the baby and his parents and the civilians retaliated and attacked back leading to a Civil War.


The Quatonaien biology are the same as humans but they resulted everything with peaceful solutions until now.

Mating and BirthEdit

Quatonaiens would usually marry the love of their life, a common age for marriage is in the late 20s or early 30s, due to the new laws by the Daemon government: children are now created and grown in vats instead of natural pregnancy this was made to happen due the Daemon government wanting to create specific types of Quatonaiens like soldiers and scientists but before this like humans, Terranovians and other species: Quatonaiens would mate and give birth to babies like normal humans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Under the influence of a blue or yellow son, Quatonaiens obtain god-like abilities to match even a Terranovian. Although they tend to be stronger under a blue son.

SUPERHUMAN INTELLIGENCE - Even not under a blue or yellow son, a Quatonaien in general is very smart and they are responsible for the creation of high tech weaponry (for the I.A.F) and medical resources.

SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH -  One of their greatest powers is the their remarkable strength; allowing them to move small moons or planets.

SUPERHUMAN SPEED - Quatonaiens are also said to possess speeds that can give a Terranovian a run for their money.

SUPERHUMAN REFLEXES/AGILITY - One of the fastest powers other than their speed is their extremely fast reflexes and being naturally agile.

INVULNERABILITY - Quatonaiens under the influence of a yellow or blue son, a Quatonaien can become invulnerable.

SUPERHUMAN STAMINA/ENDURANCE - The stamina that keeps the Quatonaien on their feet is extremely powerful; enabling them to remain in a fight for 10 months; sometimes even years.

ACCELERATED HEALING - The healing factor of these beings is so fast that they can heal from damage as soon as they sustain it.

FLIGHT - Quatonaiens can defy any planet's gravity under a blue or yellow son.


Quatonaiens not under a blue or yellow son possess mortality just like any other human and can be killed in the same way as a human but Quatonaiens can still be killed while in their super powered state but only a Quatonaien can kill another Quatonaien when they are superpowered.


The current governmnet called the Daemons have abandoned the peaceful ways of Quatonai and are pretty much hated by every other planet although prior to the Daemon government, the past governments were peaceful and refused to result their problems with violence.


The technology in Quatonaien culture is advanced they have discovered medical history and have created amazingly useful high-tech weaponry for the I.A.F.



The currency in Quatonai are called Pecuns they are like human currency in appearance but are much more valuable.


Citizens of the modern day currently wear Earth's Renaissance type clothes, so currently they are not as developed with modern clothing.