Guinevere is said to have been the legendary wife of King Arthur and queen of Camelot. She was said to have also been in a love affair with the knight, Sir Lancelot.


Guinevere was in her 30s when a group of rogue Zarchonians took her from her home of Camelot and was a slave of to Sarkos Sr. She stayed on the planet of Zarchos. She was drugged for so many years which gave her longevity.


By the year 2436, when Guinevere started showing signs of aging, they found her to be of no use to Sarkos Two-Balls and so they were to kill her the next morning on a new live broadcasting network. The Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom was immedietly made aware of this by an escaped slave who left Zarchos and warned Aaron Carter and Serron Devney about this. He spoke of Guinevere and that made the I.A.F so determined to stop Sarkos from killing her. Aaron also suspected a trap from the gangster because of the damage he caused him the last time he was on Zarchos, now he suspected that Sarkos may use Guinevere to draw him and the I.A.F in, the kill them all. Once the arrived, all of the vessels cloaked and created holographic versions of the their vessels in order to fool the Zarchonian fleet about them being there. When they realized it was in fact a trick, the real ships decloaked and surprised their Zarchonian opponents, destroying many in the attack. The USS Warpstar headed down and landed on the planet. Aaron, Serron, Sarah Starr, Burt J. Rhode and even Claire Porter arrived on the planet where they encountered heavy Zarchonian resistance. They managed to destroy the enemy resistance and once again made their way into Sarkos' palace where they managed to release Guinevere from her bondage, after so many years. Sarkos stopped Aaron in the process and fight him once more and so the 2 battled. Aaron managed to defeat Sarkos when he continuously punched him and that made Sarkos weak for a second, then Aaron grabbed Sarkos by the throat and sent him flying into his own throne, after that Aaron flew back to the ship. While in the Warpstar's medical bay, Guinevere was being treated and innoculated against many contagions that are indigenous to Zarchos. She was also injected with a dose of Bio-Organic Nanobots in order to keep her aging process from accelerating.

Birth of New CamelotEdit

After her rescue, Guinevere has become the queen of a new city built to honor her late husband's home of Camelot where she would rule as not only a queen, but also a knight of the new round table. She was given a new planet where she signed the treaty of protection by the I.A.F and created a new law based off the laws of her former home in Camelot.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Guinevere, upon her abduction was drugged with an anti-aging formula and then later on was treated with the use of Bio-Organic Nanobots thanks to the I.A.F.


Because of the anti-aging formula already in her system and the Bio-Organic Nanobots to keep it in check, Guinevere has now the capablility to live forever on her own. Also as an immortal, she also possesses an invulnerability to human and alien ailments alike.

Accelerated HealingEdit

The nanobots in Guinevere's system allow her to not only keep her immortal status in check, but allows her to heal any wound or injury sustained in battle.