Ralph Bark
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin New Earth
Species Werewolf
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Custos
  • Date of Birth May 13, 2495
    Eye Color
  • Gold (human form)
  • White (werewolf form)
  • Powers & Abilities
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Endurance/Stamina
  • Superhuman Reflexes/Agility
  • Partial Invulnerability
  • Heightened Senses
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Weaknesses
  • Mortality
  • Silver
  • Height
  • 6' (human form)
  • 7' (werewolf form)
  • Family
  • Aiden Bark (father, deceased)
  • Melissa Bark (mother, deceased)
  • Luna Bark (twin sister, deceased)
  • Peter Bark (paternal grandfather)
  • Mary Bark (paternal grandmother)
  • James Bark (paternal uncle)
  • Connor Bark (paternal uncle)
  • Patrice Bark (paternal aunt)
  • Amand Allen (maternal aunt)
  • Marital Status Married
    Spouse(s) Fujika
    Children Kotaro Bark
    Status Alive
    Combat Training
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat
  • Melee Combat
  • Free-Running>
  • Ralph Bark was a Werewolf and a member of the Custos Order. He was the older twin brother of Luna Bark, son of Aiden and Melissa Bark, the husband of Fujika and the father of Kotaro Bark. He is known in Divinus history for ending the tyrannic rule of the Vampires.


    Early LifeEdit

    Ralph and his twin Luna were born on very unusual circumstances. Their parents were Werewolves and so there werewolf gene was passed on to Ralph and his twin. Ralph's mother Melissa gave birth to Ralph and his sister on a full moon, this was worrisome as no known baby werewolves had survived a birth on the full moon. Although it was a struggle, the pain of the birth and the transformation should have killed Melissa and the babies but they pulled through. Ralph spent his first six years on New Earth, Ralph and his sister never had any friends but eachother because they were werewolves and others didn't trust them. Eventually the Bark family moved to the planet Divinus where all Werewolves were welcome, eventually Ralph and Luna made many Werewolf friends in their time at Divinus.

    Siege of DivinusEdit

    In 2505 after 4 years of living on the planet, their peace would come to an end. An army of Vampires arrived on the planet and began savaging the planet, killing anything that got in their way. Ralph's parents fought back but were killed ultimately, their father told Ralph and his sister to find the escape pod and leave the planet and search for the man named Gabriel Adaku. Ralph and Luna escaped the planet before they were captured and set a course for New Earth: their former home.

    Finding Gabriel AdakuEdit

    Eventually, the twins arrived on an abandoned field in New Earth and immediately began their search for Gabriel. Eventually after a few days the two orphans found him, they encountered him in a bar. He had let himself go (probably due to the fall of the Werewolf republic and his mentor]], the twins introduced themselves and told them they needed his help, Gabriel saw hope in the twins and agreed to train them.

    First TransformationEdit

    Ralph WolfForm

    Ralph in his Werewolf form

    It had been 3 years since their training had begun, Ralph had just recently entered puberty and so his werewolf genes had activated, on the full moon he transformed into a werewolf for the first time, the transformation was excruciating which actually caused him to cry, his ear-splitting scream filled the house and after the transformation was complete he went on a rampage although Gabriel stopped him from hurting anyone. The next day Ralph woke up in a pool of deer's blood with Gabriel standing over him only saying "You were uncontrollable, I had to tie you up and give you a deer to calm you down. Now I have to teach you to control your inner wolf like your father did with me". And so Gabriel began to teach Ralph how to meditate and come to peace with his inner wolf.

    Leaving New Earth and return to DivinusEdit

    In 2515, the twins were full-grown adults and had also finished their "wolf training" and combat training. That night, the Vampires had discovered their location and attacked their home, Gabriel fought off the Vampires and told the twins to run although Ralph would not let another father figure die for him and so Ralph "wolfed-out" and attacked the vampires although he was intoxicated with Vampire venom and saved by Luna, Gabriel was captured and the twins escaped. The Vampire venom was rapidly expanding through his body and was going to kill him, the blood of a vampire and werewolf in one human body would be too overwhelming and would kill the host so Luna had to act quickly and suck the venom out, she succeeded saving Ralph's life. The two then agreed they needed to gather an army of Werewolves who weren't captured, free the ones that were and lead an attack on the Vampires in Divinus. The twins spent one year forming an army, they felt that they had enough "wolf power" and decided to return to Divinus and free the Werewolf captives.

    Battle for DivinusEdit

    The twins and their army returned to Divinus, stealthily freed the Werewolves and then attacked the Vampires, the Werewolves had an advantage because the Vampires were not expecting the attack and the Vampires had an advantage because the Vampires had greater numbers. The twins fought their way to Vampire Leader, he proved to be a mighty challenge, eventually they defeated the Leader but at the price of his sister's life, she sacrificed herself to save Ralph and Divinus. No body knows how because Ralph does not like to speak of it. Eventually Ralph helped rebuild Divinus, said his goodbyes to his friends (including Gabriel) and left Divinus.

    Joining the CustosEdit

    Ralph, Custos

    Ralph in his Custos robes

    In 2518, Ralph discovered the legends of the Custos Order and wanted to join their cause, learning that most Vampires were part of the Subiugo Order, after his sister's death Ralph had a passionate hatred for Vampires and claimed himself a Vampire Hunter. Eventually Ralph joined the Custos Order and remained a member for the rest of his life.

    Settling DownEdit

    Eventually, Ralph met a Japanese woman named Fujika and fell in love with her, she was a member of the Custos Order but there was a problem: she was a vampire, although it had been a few years since he had joined the Custos and he had matured a lot and his hatred for Vampires had lessened. So eventually he let go of his hatred and married Fujika, the couple then bought a home in Divinus. Ralph and Fukika remained members of the Custos.

    Birth of KotaroEdit

    In 2523, a few years after their marriage, Fujika discoveres she was pregnant and immedietley told Ralph, Ralph was shocked by the news stating something like this had never happened in Werewolf or Vampire community. This news also scared Ralph as both species rolled into one could form an abomination, but Fujika comforted him and told him they were creating the future, these words made Ralph more committed to the pregnancy. Within five months the baby had grown full size inside of Fujika and was ready to come out any moment, Ralph refused to admit it but he was actually excited about the baby. One day the Custos told Ralph they needed his "abilities" for a mission and so he had to leave his pregnant wife behind, Ralph and other Custos members travelled to Necros 5 to find a Subiugo member who was an Alpha Feral, the team went loaded with silver ammunition. While on the mission, Ralph had received a text from Fujika telling him she had gone into labor, Ralph knew he had to wrap this up and so he used his enhanced senses to find the Alpha Feral, eventually Ralph and the Custos found it but had a little scrabble, the Alpha Feral had killed most of the Custos members but Ralph quickly pooled out a silver Plasma Sword and stabbed it killing it. Ralph then quickly rushed back to Divinus. By the time he had arrived at Divinus, Fujika had given birth to a healthy baby boy. The couple named him Kotaro.

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