Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Epsilon Reticuli
Technological Standpoint Advanced
Powers & Abilities
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Extended Longevity
  • Durability
  • Shapeshifting
  • Weaknesses
  • Plasma Weapons
  • Vapor Weapons
  • Height/Length 8ft
    Weight 260 lbs
    Status Alive
    The Riconians are a Reptilian race of beings that hail from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli Star System. They are also known as "The Masters" or "The Tyrants".

    Early HistoryEdit

    Not much is known of their history because of their outlawing the right of historical study, what is known however is that they are said to be of a warrior race that is said to be almost Secceeded from the whole galaxy. According to the history of the Greys, the Riconians have been said to have visited their planet in the Zeta Reticuli Star System approximately 35,000,000 years ago and aided them in destroying the ailments on their planet.

    Grey SubmissionEdit

    After several million years of ridding the Greys of their ailments, it was time for the Greys to return an almost eternal favor which has been submission from being individuals to slowly becoming slaves.

    Grey RebellionEdit

    The Greys, after 5,000,000 years of subserviancy to the Riconians, decided to gather up enough strength and use it to take down their Riconian oppressors. A group of slaves decided to take action, involving them gathering weapons and supplies to fight a war that was almost impossible to win when it came to the Riconians. They were the first to strike and within several years, the way still continues on to this very day.

    The I.A.FEdit

    By the year 2436, the war between the Greys and Riconians continued their war; however much was about to change when the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom discovered a battlefield that was of both the Greys and the Riconians. Mostly Greys were among the dead, however several of the Riconian ships fell as well. The USS Warpstar was the first vessel to discover the battlefield, so Aaron Carter reported it into headquarters; that led them to the finding of the Grey Rebellion on the planet of Reticuli Prime. At first, Carter and his crew were treated as though they were Riconians, however later on, they were proven to be human due to physical examination. They met the Rebellion's leader Greon, who briefed them on their situation and what they were up against. Aaron arranged for a seek and assess operation involving the investigation of the planet that is Epsilon Reticuli. While cloaked, the Warpstar encountered an enormous Riconian Armada, which led Aaron to return to Reticuli Prime and formulate a whole plan.

    Invasion of Epsilon ReticuliEdit

    After formulating a plan, Aaron had contacted the fleet and requested the use of the fleet's newest gunship, the Valkyrie X-500 and Serron Devney became it's commander. The fleet headed for the Warpstar's location and once their, they started negotiations with the Riconians; however their negotiations failed. The I.A.F started to attack as soon as the Riconians fired the first shot and the battle continued for several hours until the I.A.F managed to break through the Armada's blockade. The Warpstar, along with several other vessels managed to get planet side while the remaining vessels took on the other Riconian vessels.

    Planet SideEdit

    Once planet side, Aaron and his crew, along with the Greys started a planet side offensive which led to the deaths of countless Riconians. The Riconian forces were easily pushed to their capital where the remaining barricades and blockades were easily wiped out by Aaron and Claire Porter. They managed to break through and started to kill off many of the Riconians that were overseeing the forced labor on the Grey slaves. They later managed to break through to the main palace's defenses where they ordered the immediete surrender of the Riconians. It was already clear to the Riconian leader that it was lost for them, so without hesitation, the Riconians surrendered immedietly.

    The Epsilon TreatyEdit

    After the surrender of the Riconians, a treaty was made and ratified by both the Greys and Riconians, signed by both bloods, to forever honor the agreement and unity between their 2 races. Since then, not one battle has been fought between them, but they have indeed established trade routes between themselves, as well as been able to serve in a united military.

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