The Rise of the Terranovian Empire was a very major point in the history of Terranovian History. It was established by I.A.F member Archer C. Carter. This rise was the the result after the Terranovian Revolt.


After dropping out of hyperspace; the Terranovians landed on the planet; named Terranovia by Archer. After successfully landing on the planet; Archer contacted New Earth Spec Ops General John Putnam and explained that he had named the planet. Archer then ordered his friend Nick Wilson to contact the I.A.F; then Jeff Samuels answered. Archer requested assistance; that's when Samuels sent his feed to Aaron Carter. Aaron sent Archer's godfather Serron Devney to the planet. In the meantime; Archer, Nick and Aissa Nova searched the planet; that's when they discovered the cave where the source of the Terranovian Technology; Terranovian Crystals.

Invasion of New EarthEdit

Thinking that Terranovia was theirs for the taking; General Putnam ordered troops onto the planet for the start of creating new cities on the planet. Within several hours N.E.S.O troops arrived; but by that time the I.A.F had already sent Devney. With their un matched forces; Archer had strategized a plan; utilize their new technology against their foes. Once they were ready; Archer, Aissa and Nick were ready with new weapons and armor; which was proven to be more powerful than their unconventional weapons. All three Terranovians engaged their enemy and destroyed most of their forces; including artillery and vehicles. Within an hour; the N.E.S.O retreated in defeat.