The Ron'Tar (Or "Wrist Projector") is a wrist mounted direct energy weapon that is utilized and manufactured by the Riconians in the Zeta Reticuli Star System. These weapons are highly known as a very powerful weapon in the proper hands and is loved by races everywhere.

Riconian MilitaryEdit

Since they were first created, the Riconians had been known to use these by the millions and have used them on countless occassions to opress and enslave the Greys. The weapon was later used against the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom, however they proved useless against Aaron Carter and Claire Porter. After the war was over, the Ron'Tar has been traded and given to many other races across the heavens, including the Greys, Humans and even certain Zarchonians.

I.A.F Edit

Since they were given to the I.A.F as a token of good will, Aaron has had a number of these in the armory on board the USS Warpstar, along with X-16A1 and other weapons. Certain soldiers have also used this weapon as well on the battlefield as well.

Functions & TriggerEdit

The weapons is utilized with the use of both thought and nerve endings located in the wrist and arm. The weapon is capable of being placed on easily with the use of sensors, that allow it to attach onto any beings arm. The weapon can come off with the use of thought, primarily the thought of not using it will allow the weapon to detach itself from the user. To fire the weapon, the user must already have a fist made and then a quick clench of the fist wearing the weapon will allow it to fire. The weapon's main targeting system is computer guided by the use of thought and that makes the marksman very accurate when using the weapon; it also has a manual targeting system which is formed by the mind and into a 3 dimensional holographic projection system and the targeting system will be shown to the user's specifications. The Ron'Tar also possesses a select fire system that is capable of working with the use of the nerve endings in the arm.

  • Quick Clench: When the fist is clenched quickly, the weapon will emit a single burst of energy; usually considered semi-automatic fire by Humans. If clenched simultaneously, the weapon would be considered to use either 3 round burst or full automatic fire.
  • Long Clench: When the fist is constantly clenched, the user wearing the weapon is capable of emitting a constant beam of energy from the weapon, allowing it to slice through almost anything.

Overheating & CoolantEdit

Like all weapons, the Ron'Tar needs to be cooled or else they have a tendency to overheat. The weapon can be cooled by either water or the air, depending on the planet it is on. If overheated, the weapon needs to be cooled before it can be fired again. On rare occassions, this weapon has been shown to have the capability to overheat and explode on harsh desert planets, however some have managed to work certain bugs out of that design flaw.


The Ron'Tar is not a conventional weapon, meaning it doesn't use bullets and powder; it does however fire either a bolt or beam of direct energy thats color is electrically plasma blue.