Russell Prince is a former member of the Militia; who defected to the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom in 2436. He is known to have been one of the first of many people to have defected to the side of good.

Early LifeEdit

Russell was born on December 25, 2400 on the planet Locust 6; the most Locustite infested planets in the Militia's grasp. He grew up in a rich family and was considered a spare because he is the younger brother of Claudius. For most of his life; Russell has been in a sibling rivalry and was going through the fact that he would join the Militia against his own will. Russell decided at age 20 that he would escape to the nearest town and get off Locust 6 anyway he could.


He traveled for 16 miles until he was attacked by Locustites; that bit his left arm clean off. The Militia then found him and brought him to medical where they gave him a prosthetic limb and after; he was immediately sent into military training. By 24; Russell already made it to the rank of Lieutenant and under the task of guarding secret weapons for the Militia.

Marissa's RescueEdit

By the year 2436; Russell saw the torment of the woman Marissa Angelique at the hands of his superiors. He then decided to defect and rescue Marissa from the clutches of certain death. He brought her to an Odin-Class Attacker that was recieved from the Fascirians and then escaped.

While escaping; a stowaway attacked Russell and managed to get him on the ground and was going to kill Marissa. When he saw this; he became so full of rage that he clenched his fist and savagely punched a whole through the attacker's back and through to his front; saying to him "You touch her, you DIE!". He then pulled his arm out of the body and took the heart out too; then crushed it, which then led to him discovering that his brother Claudius was the attacker. Russell showed no regret when he found out that his brother attacked them and so they continued their journey towards I.A.F space.

Defection to the I.A.FEdit

After a 3 week journey exiting Militia space; Russell and Marissa became aquainted as friends and then their ship was caught in the tractor beam of the USS Warpstar. Russell and Marissa notified them that they were friendlies and so they were taken aboard the ship and were taken back to I.A.F headquarters.


After a week; Russell decided to propose to Marissa because he didn't want anyone else to harm her; that meant that he would protect her no matter what. To his surprise though Marissa came to his quarters and wanted to make him her mate; but what really tied the knot was that Russell proposed to Marissa; who to her shock accepted his proposal. A month later; Russell and Marissa both found themselves married and spending their honeymoon on the planet of New Vegas.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Like Marissa; Russell was granted the same powers and abilities as her, but the only power he didn't possess was the Angel's Kiss.


Like Marissa; Russell is just as vulnerable to other Angels and Terranovians.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Although he was born in a neglectful family; Russell is known for keeping a positive mental attitude. He is known to be a little bit of a comic; only when it calls for him to use his comedy. He is also known to be very serious when it comes to battling against enemies like the Fascirians, Korean Empire and Militia; also other enemies too. He is also known to be an extremely faithful husband to Marissa and very protective of her. He also is known to have a hatred for his mother and father because of what they did to him.


  • Russell's protrayer; Ethan Embry co-starred with Marissa Prince's potrayer Marisol Nichols in the film Vegas Vacation; both potrayed Audrey and Rusty Griswold.