Samson Laboratories
Vital statistics
  • Elias T. Samson
  • Planet of Origin Corpain
    Not. Members
  • Barry Samson
  • Zachary Samson
  • Sophia Lawson
  • Galen Samson
  • Howard Cooper
  • Technological Standpoint Advanced
    Not. Species
  • Humans
  • Evilo
  • Allies
  • Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
  • Enemies
  • Militia
  • Samson Laboratories is a Laboratory hailing on the planet Corpain. It started in 2389 when Elias T. Samson moved to Corpain after serving in a war between Humans and the Fascirians and coming out the sole survivor.


    Elias T. Samson moved to Corpain in 2362 at age 20 after serving in the Torka Wars. At the age of 47 already with 4 Children and 2 Grandchildren Elias received his Army Pension. Elias used it to build a Laboratory in the mountains of Corpain where he and his family would move and live inside the Lab. The laboratory took 7 years to build so at the age of 54 Elias and his family moved in. Elias then sent out messages to the citadel for any refugees or unemployed people who had experience in Engineering, Biology and Chemistry. Elias received many emails which he all excepted and soon Samson Laboratories was a big company with a lot of workers who were moving to Corpain.


    Samson Laboratories are based in the mountains of Corpain not too far from the local town and Port.

    Points of IntrestEdit

    Coming Soon...


    Coming Soon...

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