Sarah Gianna Starr was born on July 16, 1897 on the planet Earth. She is considered by Sabe's Babes Magazine as the sexiest woman alive.

Early LifeEdit

Sarah was born on Earth within the United States of America to a very wealthy couple who were gunned down by a member of the Ku Klux Klan in 1910.

Uncle GeorgeEdit

When he parents died, Sarah was raised and educated by her uncle George until he died in the late 1920s of a heart attack.

US Marine CorpsEdit

By the time she was 32, she joined the US Marine Corps under the name "Sandro Starr". She served in the battle of Normandy on June 6, 1944,

Nazi ExperimentationEdit

One night a week after D-Day, Sarah was kidnapped and was the test subject to Schutzstaffel experimentation. Sarah was injected with a serum that made her superhuman and even immortal, that allowed her to escape the clutches of the SS.

Post-World War 2Edit

After she was released from the Marines, Sarah returned to the states and started a film career in small roles and short films.


By the 1960's, Sarah retired from the film acting industry and became a spy, working for the CIA. She assisted in top secret operations and industrial espionage against the Soviet Union. She continued her spy career until the Soviet Union was no more and the Cold War was over in the 1990's. Sarah in the early 80s made herself known and was said to have made a new name for herself, Mila Kunis. By the early 90s, Sarah was under the name Mila Kunis and started up her acting career once more.



Sarah, by the early 2000s and to the present day, has been making movies under the name Mila Kunis.


By the year 2013, after playing the roles of Lori Collins in the movie "Ted" and  the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie "Oz the Great and Powerful" Sarah has been continuing her acting career until 2296. She later became a model after her acting career and has continued so into the the year 2337 and continued.

Aaron CarterEdit

By 2431, Sarah met Aaron Carter who was in command of the USS Warpstar. She was known to have had an attraction to him, however she kept her feelings hidden from him and they were just good friends. A year later, before the arrival of Claire Porter, Sarah was also a member of the Warpstar's crew, but she later gained a ship of her own called the USS Cyclone which made her leave her good friend.


4 years later after leaving Aaron and the USS Warpstar, Sarah heard about making a difference in the universe and so she was enlisted as a member for the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. Since then, Sarah has been a vital asset in the I.A.F.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Since she was the subject of Nazi Experimentation, Sarah has an array of powers and abilities at her disposal whenever she needs them.


Sarah was born with a blood disorder that allowed her to look like she was in her 20's for a certain amount of time, however upon being injected with the serum developed by the SS in 1944, her cells started to keep that appearance and even constantly replicate the DNA in her body, keeping her alive for an extremely long time.

Accelerated HealingEdit

The blood disorder that Sarah possesses also made her healing slightly faster than an average human, now she is capable of regenerating faster than before. This also makes her immune to all kinds of different ailments and diseases as well.

Superhuman StrengthEdit

The blood disorder that Sarah possesses also gave her a degree of strength when she was younger and now with the serum in her system, she can now lift almost as much as Aaron over her head.

Superhuman Stamina & EnduranceEdit

Sarah's strength also grants her the ability to remain in a fight longer and with as little power as possible.

Superhuman SpeedEdit

Because of an athleticism that skipped over her father and onto her, Sarah was capable of running faster than the fasted triathlon runner, now she can exceed the speed of light. She is also capable of flying at unbelievable speeds as well.

Superhuman Reflexes & AgilityEdit

Because of her unnatural speed, Sarah's natural reflexes and agility have also been heightened to superhuman level.


Sarah was capable to leap over incredible heights, however now she is capable of flying over such heights and because of her immortal status, she is capable of space flight.


The serum that the Nazis injected her with during the war also enhanced Sarah's mind power, giving her the ability to move objects and stop them in their tracks with only her mind.

Degree of TelepathyEdit

Sarah is known to have telepathy only to a certain degree, which allows her to get into other's heads and confuse them, she cannot however control them. She also has some protection against telepaths with a smaller degree of telepathy than her.

Heightened SensesEdit

Her natural senses have also been heightened to superhuman level.


Like all superhuman beings, Sarah is also known to have weaknesses of her own as well.


People who possess telepathic capabilities are capable of easily infiltrating Sarah's head which gives them an advantage to either kill her or control her.

Easily InsultedEdit

Whenever she is insulted by her foes, Sarah starts to lose focus which leads to her attacking with blind fury and not thinking of how to take her enemies down. Only certain people know this weakness but it can be effective from time to time.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Sarah is known to be a tomboy kind of woman and is known to kick ass with style. She has dedicated most of her life to doing what is right and feeling good about it afterwards. She also is known to be an incorruptable person, however whenever she is under a telepaths control, she cannot control her actions. She also is very serious when it comes to her job as well and takes nothing from anyone.


Sarah really enjoys working out and even vintage movies. She also enjoys swimming and even fencing. Sarah like everyone also has the desire to use her powers whenever she feels the need to or when she wants.