"I i am the best pilot in the Academy and i will serve you well"

Serron Devney is a Thessian from Thessia,Serron is a crew member upon the USS Warpstar. Serron is one of the only students from Wensworth Academy to become a Member of the I.A.F.


Early LifeEdit

Serron Devney was born on June 9th 2415, to Michael and Lara Devney. Michael was human while Lara was a Thessian.Serron was a smart child as he was surrouned by his fathers work as they lived above his workshop. Serron found a fasination with Planes, Serron would read books about how to fly one and the pieces in them by the age of 12, Serron could build, program and fly a full size rocket to the furthest moon of their planet. Serron met a girl in his class who like him was not popular but they also shared a love for electroincs and planes her name was Osmira.

The CreationEdit

By age 16, Serron had left Thessia and gone to earth where he joined the Wensworth Academy and excelled in Science, history, maths and Geography. In his spare time Serron would build model planes and create Androids which he could control from a gaunlet kept on his wrist. Serron was bullied through the Acdemy until his bully stabbed him in the chest. Serrons Androids activated themselves without him knowing and came to his rescue from then they served as his guardians.


By age 19 Serron and his Androids were recruited by Aaron Carter to be crew members on the USS Warpstar. Serron was set to be Pilot where he was asked several times by Carter if he could track down his love, Claire Porter. Serron and his crew were sent to Thessia where he met with Osmira and the two became more than friends, Serron was then to pilot the ship to Alpha Centauri.


On the course to Alpha Centauri, the ships Hyperdrive System was damaged and Serron had to crash land it. Aaron and the crew managed to escape but a enemy ship shot 3 times at the cockpit killing some of the pilots. Aaron broke in and found a unconcious Serron who had a bruised head and broken leg.

Faked DeathEdit

Serron,Aaron and Ben,planned to fake Serron's Death so he could become someone else and enroll into the New Earth Goverment and see what Ron Boswell and his Militia had to do with them.Later that day the USS Warpstar docked on the planet Uckexent which is known for is Rich Minerals and Diamonds and its Poisonus Air.Serron was tasked to find The Planets Codex before Ron Boswell did.By the time Serron got to the Codex he discover Ron already there the two had a fight with Ron getting the upper-hand Burt and Taylor were sent to help him Ron escaped but before exiting shot Serron's suit.Burt,Serron and Taylor were about to jump when Serron caught the end of the ship.Burt,Taylor,Ben and Aaron tried to save him but he fell to his death (Where a mini shuttle was left for him to land in which would take him to earth while he read up on his next assignment).A funerel for Serron was held with Aaron and Ben missing it to speak with the new Seneator Usethet Ramney.