Solar Sabers is an energy melee weapon that many sword wielders of the universe including members of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom and the Militia.

Early StartEdit

The Solar Saber didn't see action until the year 2396 when an anonymous inventor created a working hilt and power source for the device. He designed it so that the weapon ran on solar energy from any planet's sun; however he managed to only create one and that was until men raided his home and stole his plans. These men created their own versions of the weapon and sold the blueprints to the highest bitter; however the blueprints were lost for the next 15 years.

15 Years LaterEdit

By the year 2430; a young Aaron Carter discovered the blueprints and created his own version of the weapon and modified it to run on a clean and renewable power source other than just solar energy. His improvement made the weapon more long lasting and easy to use.