The TR-60 (Terranovian Rifle 2460) is the primary Assault Rifle used by the Terranovian Empire. The weapon was first used by Archer C. Carter, Aissa Nova and Nick Wilson in the battle against the New Earth Spec Ops forces.

Early StartEdit

After hearing of the N.E.S.O's interest in taking over the planet of Terranovia, Archer decided to create an empire that would prosper with the Terranovians as it's sole people. The weapon proved extremely vital when it took out N.E.S.O troops, artillery and other vehicles. Since then; the weapon has been manufactured and issued to the Terranovian's military forces.


The TR-60 is known to be a very powerful and extremely unethical weapon used in warfare; however the Terranovians utilize the weapon to keep themselves ahead of other species. The weapon is known to be powered by an almost infinite power source that comes from the Terranovian Crystals, making up the weapon. The weapon is known to have the natural capability to glow an electric energy blue. The weapon is known to be select fire as well and has an internal suppressor built into the barrel; however another suppressor can be modded externally for a no sound shot. The weapon has only one flaw and that is it's glow which can give away their position to their enemies; however there have been holographic cloaks made to keep their glow from presenting itself.