Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Thediass
Species Thediassan
Occupation Super Soldier
Date of Birth July 13, 2402
Age 22
Eye Color Brown
Powers & Abilities
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Agility
  • Extreme High Pain Tolerence
  • Weaknesses Mortality
    Height 6'
    Weight 250 lbs
    Marital Status Single
    Status Alive
    Weapons of Choice
  • X-16A1
  • Combat Training
  • Pilot
  • Melee Combat
  • Underwater Combat
  • Weapons Combat
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • "Drop it. I don't like to speak about my past"

    --Taylor Jones

    Taylor Jones is the second Super Soldier for the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. Little is known of his past as he does not like to talk about it.


    Early LifeEdit




    Life as a Super SoldierEdit

    "I.A.F! You are under arrest"

    File:Taylor in suit.png
    To be added...

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