Terranovian Crystals
Thought Crystals
Vital statistics
Race of Use Terranovians
  • Architecture
  • Weapons
  • Power Sources
  • Terraforming
  • Telepathic Library
  • Planet of Origin Terranovia
    Terranovian Crystals (A.K.A "Thought Crystals") are the primary resource and critical component in Terranovian life; ranging from being power sources to technological components and terraforming. Terranovia is the only planet that is known for growing these crystals.

    Pre-Terranovian EmpireEdit

    When Archer C. Carter; Nick Wilson and Aissa Nova landed of Terranovia; they searched the planet's landscape until the arrival of Serron Devney. They set up camp near a cave entrance where they stayed for a while until nightfall when they discovered a blue glow coming from the interior of the cave. They investigated them further and when Archer touched one of them; it immediately started to create a telepathic bond with not just him; but with Nick and Aissa. They soon realized that they had the power to create and recreate things.

    Rise of the EmpireEdit

    When the Terranovian Empire was being established; their architecture; weapons and other technologies became made out of these crystals. They even assisted in the War of Terranovia by the creation of new weapons; which one the Terranovians rights to their new empire.

    Scientific OriginsEdit

    Terranovians have actually figured out how these crystals came about; they are known to have been created when the planet was first created. These were known to have been the most intelligent lifeform on the planet. It also explained that any other intelligent lifeform that touched it would immediately be in control of it forever.


    It is also known to be capable of adapting to the atmosphere of other planets as well. Also these crystals are known to only respond to the first intelligent life it came in contact.