The Terranovian Empire is the primary government of the Terranovian people on the planet of Terranovia.

Start & Current StatusEdit

By the year 2460; after The Terranovian Revolt on New Earth and the escape of the Archer C. Carter, Nick Wilson, Aissa Nova, Gwen Dawson and Luke Sanders.

Once discovering Terranovia in the Constellation Orion; they decided to land on the planet. As soon as they landed; they searched for food, water and even shelter. They managed to find water and food sources; as well as a place established communication with the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. Archer contacted his father Aaron Carter and Claire Porter and gave them coordinates to their location on the planet.

Within a day; the USS Warpstar and the I.A.F managed to get to the planet and were to rescue the survivalists; however Archer requested that they start a new government on the planet based on the principals of the I.A.F. Within a month the government was established and the final creation of the Terranovian city of Freetopolis; this later led to the establishement of Archer as their king and eventually to Aissa becoming the queen after marrying Archer.

Since their creation; the Terranovian Empire has been a very reliable government and civilization of people who are in need of help throughout the universe.

Troopers & UniformsEdit

  • Terranovian Officer Uniforms (Leader Uniform is Left) (Officer Uniform is Right)
  • The Uniform of the Terranovian Marines