The Keepers are a secretive organisation that works within the Terranovian Empire to keep the integrity of the empire alive and to terminate any threats before they gain too much power. They are greatly feared across the galaxy for being ruthless killers who show no mercy to those who they deem enemies of the empire, they are also largely unknown and those who do know of them will often go "missing" unknowingly and quickly. While they seem to potray the darker side of the Terranovian empire, they do it to uphold the laws and keep the peace and will never kill anyone who isn't deemed guilty. That said, there are certain radacalists within the Keepers who have the motive of "guilty until proven innocent" and sometimes will conduct "shortcuts" where instead of finding the real culprit they just kill or detain every known suspect. As the Keepers can weild such power, inorder to make it so they don't go rouge, all Keepers are implanted with a small bomb in the back of the head that can be detonated by Terranovian High Command incase the Keepers are no longer loyal to the Empire.





The Keepers themselves are split into 3 guilds, each guild is designed to do a specific role in keeping the integrity of the empire alive. The Guilds are as follows:

  • Guild of the Traitor: This guild of the Keepers deals with internal threats within the Terranovian Empire. Quelling rebbellious citizens, stemming uprising, assassinating ring leaders of bandits all come under the field of the Guild of the Traitor.
  • Guild of the Xeno: This Guild is for dealing with external threats that threaten the borders of the Empire. Hostile alien civilisations, evil human factions or any form of hostile threat is dealed with by this Guild.
  • Guild of the Creed: This guild is a much more specalized unit in that it deals only with those who have Super Powers. While Super Powers are extremely useful and well loved by the Terranovians, in the wrong hands they can be a major threat. Thus any person who uses their powers for purposes against the Empire are relentlessy hunted and assassinated by the Guild of the Creed operatives.




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