The Terranovian Revolt was an event in the New Earth Spec Ops' history and the history of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. This revolt led to the creation of the Terranovian Empire.


After their latest mission in 2460; The Oppression Squad returned to base and were given time to rest. New Earth Spec Ops's commander Lee Ferguson was speaking with leading General Dimitri Tokarev. General Tokarev explained that their "Freakshow" as he put it was making funding for new troops impossible and he ordered that the squad be disposed of immediately. Lee understood what he meant; however Archer C. Carter managed to catch what was heard when he overheard their conversation.

Carter reported what he heard to his comrades and they immediately formulated a plan to escape before they were destroyed.

Start & DurationEdit

At 7:00pm on Thursday night; Archer and Nick Wilson managed to get out of their rooms and killed two troops and stole their weapons; then released the remaining Terranovians. After discovering the escape of their former squad; the N.E.S.O troops were sent in and tried to kill them; however their weapons were proven useless against the natural invulnerability. This fight continued to the transport bay where the Terranovians commandeered on of their fighters. They activated the ship and flew out of the hanger; but were pursued by enemy fighters. Thankfully Aissa Nova activated the hyperdrive by accident and they were sent towards the Constellation Orion; then once there; they discovered their new home of Terranovia.

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