Vital statistics
  • Thor Odinson
  • Planet of Origin Asgard
    Species Asgardian
  • Norse God of Thunder & Lightning
  • Prince of Asgard
  • Eye Color Blue
    Powers & Abilities
  • Immortality
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Invulnerability
  • Atmokinesis
  • Heightened Senses
  • Flight
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Weaknesses
  • Poison of Jörmungandr
  • Height 6ft Tall
  • Odin (Father)
  • Frigga (Mother)
  • Baldr (Brother)
  • Loki (Brother)
  • Ullr (Brother-In-Law)
  • Nanna (Sister-In-Law)
  • Marital Status Married
    Spouse(s) Sif
  • Móði (Son)
  • Magni (Son)
  • Thrúd (Daughter)
  • Status Alive
    Weapons of Choice Mjölnir
    Combat Training
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Weapons Training
  • I am more than just a man; I am the god of thunder, I am the god of lightning; I AM THOR!!!!!!!!!!

    Thor is the Norse God of thunder and lightning in Norse Mythology and a warrior member of his home; Asgard. His father is Odin; the king of the Norse Gods and his brothers were Baldr and Loki; along with many more brothers and sisters.


    Thor was said to have been a god of the ancient world in Earth's history; primarily of the Vikings and other believers in Odin. He is known to be a very powerful god; wielding the mighty hammer Mjölnir.


    Thor wasn't seen again until the year 2436; when he was on a planet close to the center of the universe; searching for his mischievous brother known as Loki. He witnessed a battle between the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom and the Militia; which led him into assisting the I.A.F with his amazing powers. He leveled many pieces of artillery with a single strike of his mighty hammer; sending the Militia into retreat.

    Thor later met with acting field commander Aaron Carter; whom he offered his assistance. Aaron accepted what Thor had to offer and it was clear that victory was in the grasp of the I.A.F. The next battle between the I.A.F and Militia was a shocker because Loki allied himself with the Militia and brought along the monster known as Jörmungandr. Thor engaged both Loki and the monster; however he was overwhelmed and was injured severely.

    Aaron went to see Thor and the great Norse God lend him his hammer; telling him to kill the monster. Aaron's power combined with the hammer was so powerful that Jörmungandr's head was shattered like glass when Aaron went into attack. He then confronted and battled Loki; which in turn Aaron won. Loki was captured, Thor regained his powers and he brought Aaron to his homeworld of Asgard.

    Once there; they established a treaty between the I.A.F and the military of Asgard. They also feasted to welcome their new allies as brothers and sisters.

    Powers & AbilitiesEdit

    Thor is known to possess amazing godly powers and abilities that allow him to do many things that simply can't be done by others.

    • Immortality: Like all Asgardians; Thor possesses the inability to age and or die. He has lived for many centuries and is known for remaining in his physical prime. He is also immune to every known ailment.
    • Invulnerability: Thor is known to possess amazing resistance to physical harm and other forms of weaponry.
    • Superhuman Strength: Thor possesses an unmatched strength that allows him to lift an unknown amount over his head.
    • Superhuman Speed: While on his home planet of Asgard; Thor is known to possess speeds matching the speed of sound; however on other planets; he is known to actually move at the speed of light.
    • Superhuman Agility: Agility is what Thor possesses; allowing him to dodge attacks and even move faster than anyhuman being.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Thor's reflexes are naturally sharp and extremely fast.
    • Superhuman Durability: Thor is known to possess the capability of maintaining his form naturally throughout the centuries.
    • Superhuman Endurance: His endurance is known to seemingly be limitless; allowing him to remain in a fight longer than any known humanoid species.
    • Accelerated Healing: Thor's healing is known to be 2x as fast as the healing factor of Terranovians and Quatonaiens. This power allows him to regenerate lost and damaged limbs even faster than any other humanoid lifeform.
    • Heightened Senses: Thor's senses are known to be 2x sharper than Terranovians and Quatonaiens.
    • Atmokinesis: One of his most famous powers is his atmokinesis; which allows him to actually manipulate the weather patterns on any planet; even ones that are considered dead worlds. His hammer is what allows him to channel this power.


    Though considered a god; Thor isn't a perfect being. He is known to be weakened by the poisons of the large serpent known as Jörmungandr; which will kill him in hours as long as the monster is still alive.


    • Mjölnir: Although Thor possesses a knowledge of swords, spears, bows and other weapons; his most famous weapon of them all is his mighty hammer named Mjölnir. The hammer is known to channel Thor's atmokinetic powers and he mostly channels lightinig towards his enemies as a long range weapon. The hammer is also known to level mountains with one strike and capable of emitting shockwaves powerful than any earthquake. The hammer is known to only be wielded by Thor and any other person it deems worthy of it's power.

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