The USS Black Eagle was a prototype for the Black Eagle-class designed by the I.A.F. It was one of the largest militairy ships ever built. 


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In 2389 one of the I.A.F proposed a design for a mega ship, The Galan.  Though the original design was rejected fourteen years later Captain Jeril while looking through old files found it and significantly changed the original design.  

In 2405 building started and in 2417 USS Black Eagle was launched.  

Battle of Nova JoranEdit

Black Eagle's only actual battle took plae in 2421 when a group of Odin-Class Attackers appeared over Nova Joran. USS Black Eagle rushed too the battle and the crew managed too use her superior firepower too batter most of the enemy crafts into submission.  However one of the ships rammed her and an explosion caused loss of cabin pressure.  Soon after the she plummeted down into the atmosphere of Nova Joran, causing an explosion which killed an estimated 10,000.  

The I.A.F, dissapionted with this canceled the planned USS Royal and replaced them with the Freedom-class Battlecruisers.