Vampires are an undead species of humanoid that hailed from the planet Necros 5. They are known to have been seen on the planet Earth; within their ancient and even present eras.


Vampires were created on the planet Necros 5 by humans infected with a bacteria turned virus that spread throughout the population; turning them into either Vampires or Zombies. They started to create death camps for Zombies and Humans were placed in Human terrariums and farms for blood.


By the year 2436; Vampires were the subject of a very quickly growing scare for blood; known in their history as "The Great Scare". Blood was so scarce that Vampires started feeding on each other to try and stay alive; however that only increased the rate of their demise. Soon after; the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom discovered the planet while patroling the universe for the Militia. The USS Warpstar was sent to investigate the planet and instead of Militia Forces; they discovered the dying species. Aaron Carter, Claire Porter, Taylor Jones and Serron Devney arrived on the planet where they met Lexi Dalton. Aaron started working on the blood substitute that the Vampires were making and managed to create it to sustain them and even manufactured it on a massive scale. The Vampires were even taught how to conserve their Human blood supply which was given to them in exchange for the safety of their already captive humans.


Vampires are known to look like humans; however there are plenty differences. They are known to have pale and ice cold skin with various eye colors and their infamous 1 inch long fangs that can be disguised as normal human teeth to blend in. They are known to be naturally seductive to attract their next meal or to attract mates.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Vampires are known to possess many powers and abilities at their disposal. They are known to be immortal unless killed and possess a degree of invulnerability; capable of resisting certain weapons. They are also known to possess superhuman speed, strength, stamina, endurance, reflexes and even agility. Vampires are also known to regenerate lost and damaged tissue and even possess amazing sight, smell, taste, hearing and even feel. Vampires are also known to defy the laws of gravity over certain objects.


Vampires are known to also have many weaknesses that people can use against them. They are highly vulnerable to Silver; whether being made into bullets, stakes or crucifixes. They are also highly vulnerable to sunlight and ultra violet radiation which cause them to burn or decay. Vampires are also known to be vulnerable to decapitation or a stake through it's heart. They also are repelled by garlic and even roses. The Crucifix is also effective as a repellant but the user must have complete and total faith for it to work.

Mating & BirthEdit

Vampires are known to breed the same as humans, Elves and other bipedal species. They mate with a male and female; however everytime a vampire child is born; they are usually born dead; then are charged with electricity to jump start their heart and vital organs.