Vital statistics
Race of Use Unknown
  • Ammunition
  • Power Source
  • Planet of Origin Vril Dimension
    Vril is known to be the sole energy source of a dimension known to all as the "Vril Dimension". It is known to be a very powerful resource and energy; as well as a repellant to species of the 3rd Dimension.


    Humans on the planet Earth were known to have had knowledge of Vril by the late 19th and 20th century. The Nazis also attempted to harness the energy; however failed to even discover it and remained undiscovered for several centuries.


    Vril wasn't discovered until the year 2436; when a portal was stumbled upon by the Terranovians. The portal was stable and so the Terranovians went in and discovered a very strange world; filled with all forms of Vril. Electricity was one of the biggest and before they were sent flying out with injuries caused by a Vril lightning bolt.

    Aaron Carter and his son Archer C. Carter went into investigate the portal; which led to their discovery of the rock filled with Vril energy. After safetly returning back to Terranovia; Aaron analyzed and weaponized it, making the VG-36 assault rifle.


    As stated before; Vril is utilized as an ammunition for firearms capable of using it and can also be made into shells and grenades as well. It can also be used as a power source for crafts and even a light source.