Weltraum Waffe (WW or Space Force) is a faction of the Fascirian Schutzstaffel. It was created as the main space force.

Early StartEdit

When starting the Fascirian Empire; Fascirians of the SS became known of the fact that they have space travel and in fact planned for the creation of a force that could defend their planetary space and conquer other space. They brought this to the attention of Fuhrer Wolfgang Adler; which resulted in his approval. They got to work on creating the new force and was prepared by the early 50s. By this time; they managed to utilize so many craft that it seemed like they were immediately masters of the universe.


By the 2400s; the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom was known to have had several run-ins with them and have been known to have defeated the WW everytime. They are known to also have had some run-ins with Sarkos Two-Balls and have been known to have had several victories against Sarkos.

By the time of the Terranovian Empire; the WW was almost demolished by the Terranovians. It was the first and only time after the 2460s when they invaded Terranovia.