Werewolf Rebellion
Werewolf Rebellion
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin New Earth
Not. Members John Hill
Technological Standpoint Advanced
Mission Werewolf rights
Not. Species Werewolves

The Werewolf Rebellion is an independent group formed by the Werewolf John Hill in 2470, the aim of the Werewolf Rebellion is to give Werewolf rights as Werewolves are treated badly in New Earth. Their intentions are pure but their methods corrupt, they demand rights or threaten to kill anyone that stand in their way, they currently battle against the I.A.F which they dislike to do. The Werewolf Rebellion disbanded in 2490 after Werewolves had become accepted among mankind and


The Werewolf Rebellion was formed in 2470 by John Hill after he had had enough of the way society treated Werewolves and decided to form a group of Werewolves to fight for their rights. The group was around for 20 years.

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