"Werewolves...they do I put this...the most backward and stupid ass creatures I ever sickens me to know I created them" 

--Dr. Stronghold's opinion of Werewolves

Werewolves are a failed result of a genetic experiment by scientists on New Earth and are the successors of Alpha Ferals. The Werewolf population is increasing more and more each day, they are found at night around New Earth. Werewolves are subjects to predujice and are normally outcasts to society, that is why most Werewolves keep their condition a secret. Most Werewolves are either part of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom or the Werewolf Rebellion.


By 2444, a government experiment, scientists were aiming to create a new type of Super Soldier.Test subject Carter Davidson was injected with the serum and at night he transformed into a wolf-like creature and slaughtered everyone. The test subject left the government site and eventually infected others starting a new race.


Werewolves travel in packs and have ranks, here is a list of the ranks.

ALPHA- An Alpha is a the strongest Werewolf in their pack and they command the other Werewolves, Werewolves maintain control of themselves in Werewolf form during a Full Moon, and it is an Alpha’s job to protect Humans from Werewolves from their pack on the full moon. The rank of Alpha is obtained through killing the Alpha of your pack or being or being next in line in becoming Alpha after the Alpha dies.

BETA- A Beta is the second strongest member in their pack and can also order the lower pack members what to do while the Alpha is unavailable (eg injured, away). Beta is the next in line to become the Alpha after it is deceased or killed. The rank of Beta is obtained through proving itself to the Alpha or being elected or chosen to become a Beta.

OMEGA- An Omega is the third strongest member of the pack and like a Beta has the power to command Werewolves lower in rank than them, Omega’s must answer to the Alpha and the Beta of their pack. The rank of Omega is obtained like a Beta, you must prove yourself to the Alpha or be chosen or elected by other members of the pack to become an Omega.

PUP- A Pup is the weakest and newest member of the pack, they must answer to the Alpha, Beta and Omega of their pack and must respect their elder ranks, the rank of Pup can easily be ridden of through training by other pack members or proving itself not a pup by doing something incredible.


Werewolves have the appearance of a Wolf, they can come in multiple colors eg, white, brown, ginger, black and more. Werewolves mainly walk on all four fours but occasionally walk on two feet, when a Werewolf walks on two feet they are sometimes mistaken for humans thus putting them in the humanoid species category.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Werewolves are known to possess many powers and abilities at their disposal. They have a high pain tolerance e.g a Werewolf that is shot with a regular bullet will not feel any pain but still will be injured, they are faster than the average human and possess a speed that can even match Vampires. They have heightened senses that are present even in human form but in wolf form the senses are much stronger, this is a useful tool in finding an enemy. They also have accelerated healing, thus making them very hard to kill although they can be injured by other Werewolves and may take longer to heal.


Werewolves are known to also have many weaknesses that people can use against them. They are highly vulnerable to Silver; it is unknown why though. They can also be killed by decapitation, heart removal or neck breaking as seen when Aiden Bark snapped Howard's neck in their final confrontation.

Mating & BirthEdit

Werewolves are known to breed the same as humans, Vampires and other bipedal species. They mate with a male and female; if Werewolves mate in wolf form the child will be born stronger than the average Werewolf.


Although transformations into a Werewolf are generally painful it is said a female transformation is worse. Here is a description/video of a Werewolf and his transformation.

Werewolf Transformation


The only way to become a Werewolf is to be bitten or scratched or being born a Werewolf.

Secret of the WerewolvesEdit

It was revealed in 2500, that Werewolves were not accidental but were a way to try and control their predecessor the Alpha Ferals but it resulted in a smaller weaker version: Werewolves. Werewolves may be weaker than their predecessors but are definitely more harder to control e.g a Doctor said and quote "It's like trying to teach a 2-year-old ABCs".


HUMANS - Werewolves have a complicated relationship with humans, during the early years of Werewolves humans tended to fear and hate them but after Aiden Bark had changed the direction of Werewolves they became to be accepted although they were still discriminated in some of New Earth's more racist countries.

VAMPIRES - It is unknown of their relationship with Vampires, but due to Aiden Bark and Abe Johnson's relationship and them being roommates this might be a hint of Werewolves and Vampires possible coexistence.

ALPHA FERALS - Werewolves have a complicated relationship with their superiors and predecessors the Alpha Ferals, some Werewolves and Alpha Ferals can coexist and even at some points breed with eachother but most other times Alpha Ferals want to murder their weaker counterparts.

Known WerewolvesEdit