Führer Wolfgang Adler is the leader of the Fascirian Empire on the planet of Fasciria.

Early StartEdit

Nothing is known about his childhood or his early start into politics; but what is known is the fact that he became the Fascirian leader by his 20s. He was said to have been a very loyal member of the reich and was looked upon by the former Führer. By that time; he was chosen by the said Führer to become the next leader of his people. Once their former Führer died; he became the new leader by the year 2396.


By the year 2436; Wolfgang was sending his forces of Fascirians against the Anti-Fascists. Eventually he discovered that the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom was assisting their enemy and that the first ship to arrive was USS Warpstar; with it's personnel of Aaron Carter, Claire Porter, Lexi Dalton and even Adam Stetson arrived on the planet resisting the oppressors under the swastika. Eventually the I.A.F defeated the Fascirian Empire and returned to fighting evil throughout the heavens. After the I.A.F's invasion; Wolfgang ordered his followers to regain their military forces with the use of propaganda.